adhd bannerThe group is aimed at adults with ADHD (traits),

as well as carers/parents of kids with ADHD or anyone else who has an interest in ADD/ADHD.

 Come late, leave early, no worries, Free to attend,

May 15th  6pm-8pm @ Central Community Centre!! 

                     Emlyn Square, Swindon SN1 5BP,     Down across from Health Hydro, near the Glue Pot pub


If trouble finding call 07832 193362 (log this no on your phone ;)


NEXT MEETINGS,  3rd Wed evening!

                Wednesday 15th May   (6-8 PM)  How does ADHD impact our emotions
                Wednesday 19th June  6-8 PM Come and share, challenges & life hacks
                Wednesday 17th July  6-8 PM  Nutrition: What works, What cause problems
                Wednesday 21st August  6-8 PM   Brain works, Heart, Soul & individuality

Check this site and emails for rare updates! We email (at least) monthly, if you’re on the list…

Everyone is welcome!