adhd bannerThe group is aimed at adults with ADHD (traits),

as well as carers/parents of kids with ADHD or anyone else who has an interest in ADD/ADHD.

Drop in for a chat,

Come late, leave early, no worries,

Free to attend,

May 16th  6pm-8pm @ Central Community Centre!! 

                     Emlyn Square, Swindon SN1 5BP,     Down across from Health Hydro, between the Station and Farringdon park


If trouble finding call 07832 193362 (log this no on your phone ;)      free parking at the back

                   There will still be a meeting every 3rd Wednesday of the month,  June still?? (so do check in here or contact us)

NEXT MEETINGS,  3rd Wed evening!

                Wednesday 16th May    (6-8 PM)  
                Wednesday 20th June?    6-8 PM This date till up in the air  
                Wednesday 18th July   6-8 PM  
                Wednesday 15th Aug   6-8 PM  

Check this site and your email inbox for updates!

Everyone is welcome!